About the Artist


I have been painting and drawing as a way of expressing myself since I was a child. It was my form of escape and exploring the visual world. Even before I really understood what that meant. As Bob Ross once said about the canvas, ‘This is your world and you can do anything you want.’ 

I was always drawn to portraits and wildlife artwork and fantasy art. My influences ranged from comics such as 2000AD, Spiderman, X-men and The Crow (which had a huge influence on me) all the way over to the great renaissance artists. I was fascinated with detail and trying to understand how artists hundreds of years ago managed to paint such amazing and life like paintings. My goal was and still is to achieve that. Not just the details but the emotions and soul that those paintings have. 

While I am probably best know for airbrush paintings, I also spend time drawing (pencil and charcoal). Understanding form and values. While you can be a good artist without being great at drawing, I believe you are better if you study gesture and composition and how values can make something look 3D. 

Most of my art is done with the airbrush. During the covid lockdown I spent time working with Oil paints and some of my newer work is introducing that as i learn and improve. I will still airbrush but sometimes a painting begs to be done with a different medium and oils and airbrushing have very different strengths.

I believe in supporting the local art scene and trying to make this stronger. I have been working with the Marwell Wildlife Art Society (before it ended) and the Southern Nature and Art Exhibition two great organisations that help support artist and wildlife. I also support and help set up other local art exhibitions and art societies when I can. Art is not a competition and the local art scene is strengthened by working together to make sure everyone has a platform. 

And while I believe art is not a competition. Certainly you cant approach your art work with the aims of winning awards. my most recent achievements include:

Winning the 2019 Bursledon winter exhibitions public vote for best painting not behind glass.

Coming highly commended in the 2020 Gosport heritage exhibition (before it got rudely closed down early due to covid.)

Winning the 2021 Southern Nature and Art Exhibition public vote for best painting. 

Highly commended 2021 in the Titchfield winter Exhibition.  

I hope over the years to come you will continue to visit my website and view my latest works. I will always try to make my work varied and exciting. It might not always be what you expect but I will try to make it something that is exciting and challenging.  


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